Google search tricks Nifty time savers...

y default search engine is Google. I don’t think any other online search can touch them. They have some very cool fast searches that show the result on top the result page in an instant. Enter the word time into the search field

I spilled water onto my notebook computer Don't panic, learn what to do!

Wet Laptop Computer

esterday knocked an open bottle of water and managed to grab it before the whole thing spilled into my NEW VAIO notebook computer. But a good splash landed on parts of the keyboard anyway. The computer was running. I grabbed a paper towel and tried to sop up some of the water very gently from the keys, powered down, unplugged … Read More

Is free really free? Or what is the price of free?

 came across some great examples of ‘free’ services that I would avoid like the plague. “Create free forms online“, “Schedule your appointments online“, and over 10 more of the same kind of ‘free online services’ are listed at the bottom of these pages. Why should you pass up a free service? Look at the site(s) more closely: Site Design: Seems … Read More

Print out those important contacts! Why paper still has its place...

Jack L. Warner's Address Book

e’ve had some (over 14) violent wind storms around here, a lot of damage, houses struck with by trees, trees uprooted, an ancient huge eagles’ nest lost when the tree it was resting on snapped. And, of course the power went out, again and again. I was reminded that my emergency contact information was stuck on my computer when I … Read More