Prepare before stuff hits the fan (3) Create a Sytems Restore point...

reate a restore point. Get prepared for mayhem—malware invasions, incomplete software installations, or software conflicts, hardware incompatibilities—when your computer is healthy and runs like a dream. A restore point is like a Windows ‘undo’. You can restore your computer to the moment you created that restore point, meaning that everything that happened or was installed after that restore point will … Read More

Essential keyboard shortcuts Use your keyboard like a pro...

Keyboard Shortcuts

 wrote about some essential keyboard shortcuts in an earlier post, but perhaps it’s time for a refresher and some additions. Some of these shortcuts won’t apply if your computer is configured to open files with one click of your mouse. What would we do without UNDO? [Ctrl] + [z] = UNDO the mistake you just made. In a program that … Read More

I spilled water onto my notebook computer Don't panic, learn what to do!

Wet Laptop Computer

esterday knocked an open bottle of water and managed to grab it before the whole thing spilled into my NEW VAIO notebook computer. But a good splash landed on parts of the keyboard anyway. The computer was running. I grabbed a paper towel and tried to sop up some of the water very gently from the keys, powered down, unplugged … Read More