How to reset your password in WordPress This may also work for other systems...

he Kye Bay Community website was developed with WordPress. The site has information and posts that are available to the public at large, and also has a membership component that is protected with a login dialog. Members can access a private message board and protected blog posts, i.e. information that is of particular interest to the Kye Bay community (residents … Read More

Infrastructure of a website Mom, where do websites come from?

efore you can publish a website on the Internet, you need to set up some things. The following illustrates the structure of a website that uses a registered domain name. DOMAIN NAMES Domain names are unique and cannot be duplicated. They are a business asset and can be bought and sold. You cannot register a name that belongs to a … Read More

How do you manage your passwords? Improve your password hygiene...

Locks on a fence

he biggest argument I hear from friends and clients when we talk about creating secure passwords is that they can’t remember them. So they stick to one or two stand-by words for all of their logins. That argument makes me cringe. By now you know about computer viruses and malware and that they are relentlessly out there trying to get … Read More

Who actually owns your domain? In other words, WHOIS your domain?

here is an increased demand for fixing small business websites. The sites may need updating, are unfinished, or broken because of plugin overload or other incompatibilities. Someone else worked on the site, has left, and now the business owner is stuck and needs help. Before I take the job I check the ownership of the domain. Why? I need to … Read More

Security briefing for innocents Even the smallest website is vulnerable!

o you use protection? Security protection, that is. You are not a bank, or a large Internet Service Provider, or Google, or Yahoo, you just have a small business WordPress site. Everyone knows that banks and other giants employ security teams and apply counter measures to prevent break ins into their systems, most of the time they are safe. Are … Read More