What I Did

Below is a short, and by no means a complete list of the services that CompuScribe offers. As every project is unique in its scope, let’s consult about it. Once I have a better understanding of your requirements, you can be assured that my recommendations and process will get you where you want to be.


WordPress LogoI know WordPress. WordPress is a software that has grown into a formidable, impressive content management system. It’s one platform I use to develop websites for my clients who want to eventually maintain all or part of their website on their own. Like any other web project, a WordPress site can be simple or complex, depending entirely on what functionality is required, what type of information must be shown, and what kind of audience the website should serve.

Static Websites

I design and develop custom websites from scratch. Content management functionality can also be built into a static site, even into existing sites, so that specified parts of the site are available to be edited or updated by authorized content providers. I build a website to specifications and hand it over for administration and further upkeep by the owner if that’s what is requested; alternatively I continue maintaining it on behalf of the owner. Very often websites are developed in stages with features or pages added or removed, corresponding to the demands of the business they are serving. Ask us what type of website makes most sense for your business.

Unfinished & Old Websites, Rescues, Upgrades, Replacements

It happens more often now that I am called in to analyze and assess the work to be done to finish, upgrade, take over, or replace existing websites. If you have such a site pining away somewhere to be rescued, look at the content of it. If the content is reasonably good and up-to-date, but the site design needs upgrading, it may be a worthy refurbishment project. If the entire site, design, content, everything in it is just old, dated, inaccurate and generally unacceptable, it may be better to start from scratch. Request an independent assessment of your website and a report on my recommendations.

Web Management – Content Maintenance – Code Upgrades

All websites are perishable and need to be maintained. I offer customized, flexible Maintenance Agreements that cover the specific needs of the client. All components of a CMS or Blog, such as WordPress, need to be kept current, i.e. version upgrades, plugin updates, security updates, and much more. Whatever needs doing, I do it on behalf of my clients. I offer user training where needed. While my clients focus on their business, I keep an eye on their online assets.

Website Infrastructure Setup and Management – Security Assessments

All self-administered websites require an infrastructure. There are several different login routines that need to be managed. If you are familiar with the answers to the following basic questions, you are already well informed. Any web developer should ask you about these services.

  • Do you have a domain name registered? A hosting account set up? Know the platform on which the website runs?
  • Do you have access to the server administration panel? Do you have an FTP user account set up.
  • Do you have database services available?
  • Do you have corresponding email addresses set up and working with your domain?
  • Do you want to advertise a product or service, sell a product or service, take money deposits online?
  • Do you have a marketing plan in which a website is included? Do you have a development budget?
  • Do you have all the login information at hand including secure passwords for these various services?

CompuScribe can arrange for some or all of the above services to be transferred, set up and/or managed on your behalf.

I know what matters

After 20 years I have stopped counting how many projects I have completed, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that those varied projects, together with keeping up with the ever-advancing technology that drives the Internet, have given me a wealth of experience and knowledge that goes way beyond selling you on putting the latest cool gadget on your  home page. What does matter is that any project without proper consultation before execution is likely to fail, discussion brings clarity to a project and maps out what needs to be done to achieve the intended outcome. In short, I use a documented process that works well for any project that is entrusted to me.

I know how!

If you are at all unclear about what is required for a website or any other online project to be successful, get informed. Contact me and arrange for a non-binding general consultation. I’ll charge for 60 minutes but give you 90.

The time will be yours to discuss web development, maintenance, or any related computing and/or design matter that may be on your mind. I’ll cut through the jargon, answer your questions, give you some options, let you decide if you are then interested in any of my  services. At this point there is no obligation, you can’t loose. If you would like to retain me for your online work I’ll give you some home work, a form to fill in, to get you organized and provide me with more detailed requirement specifications on which we then base a written project plan and estimate.

Please ask me for references. I’ll be glad to put you in touch with any of my clients who used services that match those you are evaluating for yourself. Not all of my clients are displayed in my portfolio page.