Who I Am

I Marianne Henriksson - Owner - CompuScribe Communication Designam Marianne Henriksson, Principal of CompuScribe Communication Design. In 1991 I earned an Associate Degree in Computer Systems Management from Capilano College (now Capilano University) in North Vancouver, BC, Canada. My long time career as a Flight Attendant had lost its luster and I wanted to do something I loved. At the time I was equally interested in Graphic Design and Art, and Technology and Computing. As it turns out this unlikely combination of interests and training became the perfect  foundation for a new career and  business that needs them both.

CompuScribe came into being in 1994 in response to a demand for my digital design expertise that for a time was known as ‘desktop publishing’. The demand for this expertise escalated fast into requests for logos, document layouts and multimedia development, in fact, any digital design that could be produced, used or viewed  on a computer and printed. After I published a small website for CompuScribe in 1996,  I designed the first corporate site for Infomed Development Corporation  in 1997; their logo, which is also my design, has withstood the test of time. I am particularly proud of my contribution to The Promise of All Ages that has evolved through several versions from a multimeda presentation to a full-length documentary movie

Today CompuScribe has grown into a full-service digital design, print design, web design, and web management company. My  clients are small to medium businesses, authors, community groups, non-profit societies, or individuals, who want to see their business, interests, and point of view represented in a professional way on the Internet and in print.

Briefly some concurrent employment history:
1995 – 1999 InfoMed Development Corporation: Worked as Customer Tech Support, UI Designer, Technical Writer of help systems, created the first company website and was on the development team for the multimedia presentation of the “Promise of All Ages”, that is now a full-length movie.

2000 – 2009 North Island College: As the College’s first full-time Web Designer/Developer I worked to design, organize and grow their online presence, gradually integrating more online services and expanding the information offering to users. Was instrumental to separating out sensitive information from the website and and moving it to a protected internal website, created for the purpose of easier access to files and information amongst distant campuses, centres, departments, and employees.

2009 – 2018 Principal at Compuscribe Communication Design, happily doing freelance and contractual work for respected clients and co-workers.