CompuScribe started up in 1994 offering digital graphic design and technical support, later specializing in web development and information architecture. Every client’s vision and requirements are different and you can be sure that these are defined, documented, and that the outcome is exactly what you need. CompuScribe follows through with great client support, site maintenance, and online asset management.

Thank you for visiting my site. I am now retired.
I have happily given my expertise to create beautiful, useful and usable websites for my clients and enjoyed the journey with them. If you are looking for no-nonsense, inspired and experienced help with your online assets, whatever they are, contact Michael Rae at Lexicom.ca.

I’ve left parts of my site online as a reference of my past work and in support of the occasional client request for my time and expertise.

Who I Am…

CompuScribe exists in response to a demand for my digital communication design work as well as my technical expertise. Over time, the demand for these skills has escalated. Requests for logos, document layouts, web and multimedia development, etc., are now surpassed by requests for website analysis, repairs, and all aspects of digital asset management.

A holistic and diligent approach to service, delivered with in-depth knowledge and experience, has made CompuScribe into a full-service digital design, print design, web design, and web management company. […]

What I Do… 

WordPress LogoContent management systems using WordPress.
Custom designs for function-rich sites.
E-commerce sites.
Rescue, upgrade, replace websites.
Web management, content maintenance, code upgrades.
Website infrastructure setup and management.

Before you start your online project, ask questions, get answers, consult with me. Think of CompuScribe as your go-to firm for the care and management of all your online requirements and assets. […]