Print out those important contacts! Why paper still has its place...

We’ve had some (over 14) violent wind storms around here, a lot of damage, houses struck with by trees, trees uprooted, an ancient huge eagles’ nest lost when the tree it was resting on snapped. And, of course the power went out, again and again. I was reminded that my emergency contact information was stuck on my computer when I was asked to put a message on the College website that the College would be closed. I had no way to get it out. Oh, I have a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), a Sony Clie, but I hadn’t synchronized the information lately and needed a phone number I didn’t yet  have in it.

So, some old fashioned backup methods are still a smart thing to use. Print out your contact list, addresses and phone numbers of contacts you really need to have in an emergency and file it where you can find it again. You’ll thank me one day.

[Edited: I nearly trashed this post, but the old-fashioned, practical me kept it available. After seeing disasters happening all over the world in this advanced, digital age, a printed page or two of your most important contacts in your emergency evacuation kit still sounds like a good idea.]

If you are one of those people, (I know some) who don’t have a printer at all, get one. Printers are very cheap insurance. I can’t imagine doing work without a printer, but that’s just me.