Digital photography online and off Learn with a great, un-boring book...

It’s not a stretch to talk about Photography on a technical blog, I bet you are sharing your pictures with your friends and family, attaching them to email, or even putting them on a web page online. In an earlier post, I discussed the print resolution versus screen resolution; resolution however has not much to do with the quality of the picture.

I just got a book that was recommended by

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Keyboard Shortcuts – Try Them Or the fast way to copy and paste...

Keyboard shortcuts
Some things you can do faster by learning a few strategic keyboard shortcuts. Select something (a file, a word, a paragraph) and copy it, using [Ctrl]+[C]. Using these keys on your keyboard copies the object you selected to the clip board (to the computer memory, if you like) and it waits there. Then, when you are ready to paste the object somewhere else into your work

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Screen resolution vs. print resolution And why you should know the difference...

High-precision lens
This is a basic primer about digital picture taking and saving habits you should get into. The subject can be pretty complex so I won’t be explaining every little thing, I’ll be linking to some sources that explain more… (I am talking to those who are having fun with their digital camera and want some good results for their memories. The digital SLR aficionado, or the RAW picture taker can probably skip this.)

  1. Take your pictures at the highest resolution your camera offers at all times. Using film you didn’t have to think about resolution, you got a good print of a good or bad picture.

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Is this legit? Or is it spam? Not sure what it is? Delete it!

Cans of Spam
That seems to be unclear still to a lot of people. Let me tell you up front… Everybody gets spam… Everybody! Spam, in case you haven’t heard, is unsolicited email. Years ago it was unsolicited mail (fliers) that clogged up our mailbox, today it’s unsolicited email that clogs up our inbox.

I hope it has filtered through by now that you should never, NEVER, respond to spam! Don’t even click on a link in a spam email, it may bring you to a site that looks innocent enough

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