Keyboard Shortcuts – Try Them Or the fast way to copy and paste...

Some things you can do faster by learning a few strategic keyboard shortcuts. Select something (a file, a word, a paragraph) and copy it, using [Ctrl]+[C]. Using these keys on your keyboard copies the object you selected to the clip board (to the computer memory, if you like) and it waits there. Then, when you are ready to paste the object somewhere else into your work use [Ctrl]+[V] and the object appears where you placed your cursor. It’ll become second nature when you see how convenient this is. Microsoft lists keyboard shortcuts… very convenient.

The best of all is the shortcut that minimizes (not closes) all of your open windows at once: [Windows key]+[M]. That’s a great trick, it prevents a nosy visitor to look over your shoulder and see what’s on your screen. Very, very convenient!

Here are more keyboard shortcuts that I could not be without in later post.