Security briefing for innocents Even the smallest website is vulnerable!

Do you use protection? Security protection, that is. You are not a bank, or a large Internet Service Provider, or Google, or Yahoo, you just have a small business WordPress site. Everyone knows that banks and other giants employ security teams and apply counter measures to prevent break ins into their systems, most of the time they are safe. Are you? Is your site?

Every few minutes of every day there are malicious attempts to log into your WordPress site. That’s why a good security plugin for your WordPress installation is necessary. The security plugin I use produces a log file that, when it

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Online content writing tips KISS rules!

You are the subject expert of your business, but If writing about your business, specifically content for your website, is not your forte, then hiring a copy writer specialized in writing for the web is a wise investment. A professional writer can boil down the essence of your business in such a way that people can see at a glance what you offer.

First rule: Don’t confuse the reader. Well written content of your website is not only important to your visitors, but is also important for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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The small stuff in the big picture… Byte-sized tips and tuts for the older generation...

Computer with World
There is so much information available online it’s difficult to know how to add to it in a meaningful way. I am writing for the older generation. People who didn’t grow up with a computer in the home and often benefit from simple information that can help them get a little more comfortable with their electronic devices. My clients and friends use their computers for the most amazing things, but their understanding about protecting themselves and their data, or how the Internet works, or how to use features of their computer they didn’t know were there, is often very limited. For instance

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How to use your emergency tool kit (4) Create an emergency tool kit on your USB drive...

You’ve downloaded 4 utilities that can save your bacon when your computer starts acting up. As discussed in previous posts, malware can create havoc on your computer, make you believe in hardware failures, or silently steal your information, or use your computer as their host for sending spam mails to your contacts, or more. When your computer starts acting up is not the time to download the utilities that can solve the problem, you should have them on hand beforehand.

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Prepare before stuff hits the fan (3) Create a Sytems Restore point...

Create a restore point. Get prepared for mayhem—malware invasions, incomplete software installations, or software conflicts, hardware incompatibilities—when your computer is healthy and runs like a dream. A restore point is like a Windows ‘undo’. You can restore your computer to the moment you created that restore point, meaning that everything that happened or was installed after that restore point will be undone. Here is how you do it:

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