A good website is like an iceberg Or sometimes clients have the better words...

I had been thinking on how to write concisely (and politely) about how small business owners might separate truth from hype, skill from pretense, know-how from jargon, when they are searching for a qualified person to do their web work. Unexpectedly to the rescue come my esteemed clients, Pascal and Lison of Pascal’s Patisseries who found the words that I didn’t.

While Pascal and Lison describe eloquently what I did do for their business, I in turn can’t say enough about their incredibly tasty, flaky Viennoiserie pastries. If you live in Calgary and you haven’t tried their product, run, don’t walk, to get some.

What Lison wrote about me and my services should be true for all qualified Web Developers, aside from the added benefits of my long-term experience.

Got a story? Marianne will help you tell it.

She is a Marketing Strategist who knows how to design websites that work: from the foundations of the internal structure, out. She knows, really knows, the technical stuff so you don’t need to, and she’ll really help you with the nitty gritty of organizing content as well. She can write and edit along with the best of them and/or she’ll let your voice tell your story in your own way, crafting your words and pictures into something that engages people.

We have a virtual calling card that tells our story commanding viewers’ attention on average of 3 minutes PER PAGE. That’s an insane amount of time for anyone to invest on the Internet at one site. Marianne offers strategic thinking, written support AND the behind the scenes current and relevant technical know-how in a package that is a peace of mind solution at a very competitive price.

The measurable success of Pascal’s, or any website is not all my doing. Lison uses her considerable marketing and writing skills in promoting their products, updating content, and writing about their experiences and expertise in their blog, as well as using the printed medium. Any website is a living thing; it has to be maintained, updated, secured, expanded, modified and adapted as the business (and technology) grows and changes. It should always be a collaborative effort between client and web developer.

A good website is like an iceberg; there’s a whole lot going on beneath the surface. The whole support of the structure which is integral to a site that’s not only fully functional technically but is also secure, is unseen but essential and critical to the tip of said iceberg. Marianne can do that. And more. She is a key member of our team and the moral support she has also invested in us has enabled this small enterprise to engage with limited resources in equal measure on a very competitive playing field. Finding her was like finding a web wizard needle in the haystack of hackers and wannabes. Contact a real professional now and get your story out there working for you.

If this endorsement of my services and qualifications speaks to you, and you are looking for a no-nonsense web person to work for you, contact me.