Keyboard Shortcuts – Try Them Or the fast way to copy and paste...

Keyboard shortcuts

ome things you can do faster by learning a few strategic keyboard shortcuts. Select something (a file, a word, a paragraph) and copy it, using [Ctrl]+[C]. Using these keys on your keyboard copies the object you selected to the clip board (to the computer memory, if you like) and it waits there. Then, when you are ready to paste the … Read More

How to resize picture proportionately So easy to do...

Resize pictures

ou want to put some pictures into a document but they are too big. You know that you can resize them but how do they ‘keep their shape’? To resize a picture you should see the ‘handles’. They appear, for instance, when you click on an image in MS Word. You can put your cursor on a handle and

Is this legit? Or is it spam? Not sure what it is? Delete it!

Cans of Spam

hat seems to be unclear still to a lot of people. Let me tell you up front… Everybody gets spam… Everybody! Spam, in case you haven’t heard, is unsolicited email. Years ago it was unsolicited mail (fliers) that clogged up our mailbox, today it’s unsolicited email that clogs up our inbox. I hope it has filtered through by now that … Read More

Right-click! Experiment! Why this saves a lot of time...

Right-Click on Mouse

es, use your mouse better and start right-clicking on things. If you are not in the habit of doing that you are missing a lot of convenient help at the (right-)click of a mouse! Start now. Say you are looking at an image file (a picture), say it’s called img10023.jpg, right out of your camera, right-click on the file name. … Read More