How do you manage your passwords? Improve your password hygiene...

Locks on a fence
The biggest argument I hear from friends and clients when we talk about creating secure passwords is that they can’t remember them. So they stick to one or two stand-by words for all of their logins. That argument makes me cringe.

By now you know about computer viruses and malware and that they are relentlessly out there trying to get into our computer, device, website. Nobody is spared. In a previous post I explained about roving programs (often called bots) that are constantly (365/24/7) trying to get past the security setup of any online installation (or server), be it small or large, banks, blogs, email services, intranets, membership sites, absolutely anything  that requires a login.

So how is your “password hygiene”? Yes, it’s a new term that puts a measure to your password or security awareness.

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